Here are some pictures of the latest Short Crust Plus samples.  We've made a few updates to the part fits, the 'smoke' tint has been added this time and we have received initial samples of our packaging design.  Note the packaging samples are handmade so are not representative of final quality.

We're getting very close to production-ready now but there's just a couple of things we still need to refine before we launch.  We originally planned to make the top cover out of acrylic, however after testing the last samples we've decided to change this to polycarbonate to enhance the long term durability.  As the injection moulding process is tuned to a particular material, we need to make some minor changes to ensure everything fits like it should.  

This means there will be a slight delay, but we thought it was best to ensure we don't compromise on quality. Given these changes, we now expect to be ready to ship by mid December and are very hopeful that any pre-orders via Pi-Supply will be fulfilled in time for Christmas.