Hey Everyone, 

Great news! The final samples arrived this week...Everything looks good and we're now ready to start manufacturing :)  Check out some pics of the final samples below (missing screws we know, don't worry these will be in the final version) 

We're just confirming with our manufacturer when the first batch will be ready so we'll update you once we know more.  To give you a rough idea though,  all things going to plan we expect we'll will have pre-orders up and running around late next week and be ready to start shipping in around 3 to 4 weeks.  

Thanks to everyone for their patience over the past few months. We wanted to make sure we had everything right before we started making the production cases.  We're now very pleased with the end result and hopefully you will be too!

Keep checking back, we'll be updating the website gallery with photos of the production case (once we've had a chance to take some decent pics) and we'll also have another update when we can tell you more about timelines.