Hi Everyone, 

We're pleased to announce that Short Crust is now available for Pre-Order through Pi Supply in the UK!  These guys are the creators of the Pi Supply ATX style on/off switch but also a retailer for a number of other Raspberry Pi add-ons and accessories.  The last of the first batch of cases is on it's way there now and should be ready to start shipping very soon.

As we've now got the quality issues with the top covers resolved, the cases ordered through Pi Supply shouldn't be affected.  For everyone that ordered in the first batch we should be sending out your replacement covers in the next few days (unless you've let us know that your case wasn't affected by the issue).  We'll let you know when these have been shipped.

We're still working with our manufacturer to get the next batch of cases made, so for the moment Pi Supply is the only place that you can order Short Crust.  We were only able to send them a limited amount so be sure to order quickly!  We hope to get the next batch ready soon, but supply issues are making it hard for us to say when this will be just yet.  We'll post another update as soon as we can provide more details. 

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