Its been about a month since our Indiegogo campaign and we thought we should give everyone an update on whats happening.

We've been quite humbled by all the positive feedback we received both during and after the campaign.  So many of you like what we came up with so we felt it would be a shame if we never brought Short Crust to you guys.  Today we're letting you know that we've found a way.  

We're currently finalizing the design and will have a final prototype made shortly.  After this we'll be ready to place an order for the injection mold tooling, check the quality and order the first batch of cases.  All things going to plan, we hope to have the cases ready to sell around the end of April.  

We're still finalizing the pricing as we need to do things slightly differently than we'd planned, however it will be similar to the pricing from our Indiegogo campaign.  We'll let you know more as we get closer to having cases ready.

Anyway, its exciting to let you guys know our plans, we can't wait to get Short Crust to you!

PS:  Please get in contact with us if you are interested in a bulk/volume orders so we can take this into account when placing our order for the first batch of cases.