Short Crust Plus is designed to look attractive, be easy to use and be adaptable for different types of projects. The case features a tool less design where the 'smoke' tinted lid can be easily snapped on and off securely with no rattling. It also features a “snap in place” mounting method for the Raspberry Pi which keeps it very secure, but easy to remove from the case.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+, 3B2B, and 1B+

(Now supports latest RPI 3B+. Older versions of the case will also work with minor modifications)


  • Simple, clean design with easy access to all inputs and outputs.

  • Raspberry Pi snaps into place – secure, no rattling, and easily removable.

  • Raspberry Pi mounting holes still available for attaching standoffs or mounting the case to a surface.

  • ‘Smoke’ tinted cover for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi visible.

  • Tool-less lid design – snaps on and off securely with no rattling.

  • Free snap-on extension part with every case to give you extra versatility when using add on boards.

  • SD card is kept protected inside the case, but is easily removable with the snap in design.

Available Colours

  • Black base/extension + 'Smoke' cover

  • White base/extension + 'Smoke' cover


To provide the best protection and allowing the case to be as solid and attractive as possible, the MicroSD card is kept completely inside the case. This is made possible by using snap in mounting for the Raspberry Pi.  The snap in mechanism allows the MicroSD card to be easily changed within seconds by removing the lid and Pi, all without disconnecting any USB devices.

The snap-in mechanism also leaves the mounting holes of the Raspberry Pi free to be used for mounting the case to a surface or attaching stand offs. Stand offs can be attached with screws from underneath the board and the Raspberry Pi can also be snapped in and out with these still attached.

Each Short Crust Plus comes with a 12mm extension part that can be used between the lid and the base to provide extra space for attaching larger Pi HATs or custom projects using stand offs. The extension part uses the same snap in mechanism as the lid and multiple can be stacked on top of each other, though note that each Short Crust ships with only one extension part.


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  • Case dimensions with lid and supplied rubber feet installed: 96mm x 64mm x 25mm (3.78 x 2.52 x 0.98 inches)

  • Case dimensions with additional 12mm extension part installed: 96mm x 64mm x 38mm (3.78 x 2.52 x 1.50 inches)


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