Q: How do I assemble my Raspberry Pi into Short Crust ?

The only tool you will need is a 2mm (or 5/64") allen key to tighten the screws for the acrylic cover as shown in the picture to the right.

Step1:   Connect the internal micro USB cable to the Raspberry Pi.

Step2:   Place the Raspberry Pi PCB under the hooks where "PLACE" is written in the case.

Step3:   Rotate the Raspberry Pi towards where "SNAP" is written in the case until you hear a click.

Step4 (Optional):    Place the RCA cover into the cutout on the side of the case.

Step5:   Attach the acrylic cover using the provided screws and the allen key.

Step6:   Peel off the protective layer on the provided rubber feet and stick into the 4 circles on the base of the case. 

Click the video link below to see steps 1-4:

allan key.jpg

How do I insert and remove the SD card?

Step1:    Place the SD card so that the chamfered corner is in the same position as the picture embossed on the case.

Step2:   Slide the SD card in with your thumb until it stops moving. 

To Remove: Push down on the SD card with your thumb and slide out of the case.

Click the video link below to see how:


Q: How do I disassemble my Raspberry Pi from Short Crust ?

Step1:   Unscrew and remove the acrylic cover using a 2mm (or 5/64") allen key.

Step2 (Optional):  Remove the RCA cover from the case if being used.

Step2:   Turn the case over and hold the plastic lever marked "RELEASE" towards the back of the case.

Step3:   Lift the Raspberry Pi out of the case by lifting the USB ports.

Step5:   Disconnect the internal microUSB cable from the Raspberry Pi.

Click the video link below to see steps 2-5: